StarDOC - task management

StarDOC is an advanced yet simple solution designed to manage tasks in a company or office in an easy and robust way. Thanks to StarDOC employess and managers have the insight into the state of tasks assigned to particular participants and they have access to rich reporting module.

StarDOC main functionality list:


  1. Document flow defining
  2. Custom information schema
  3. Filtering and searching according to custom criteria
  4. Task email notifications
  5. Task progress tracking
  6. Task activity investigation
  7. Calendar showing task start/due dates
  8. Activity history
  9. Extensive user permission system
  10. User notifications
The application is deployed to our servers and can be reached from any machine connected to Internet. Alternatively it can be deployed in an intranet version on dedicated server making it available only inside customer's company.
More information can be found at