Dynamic web applications

portals and advanced web applications done in Ruby On Rails

Custom web applications

We create web applications just as the customers require. We don't just use some existing script and try to do our work by customizing them, but we develop our software from scratch, trying to match customers' needs exactly.

Ruby on Rails consulting

Having performance problems with this new fancy application of yours? Expecting hundreds of users rushing for your website and trying to prevent the problem proactively?

Look no further - with our extensive web applications knowledge we can surely help you out: find out possible bottlenecks, advise on server setup, optimize the database or fix flaws in Rails application.

Managed websites (CMS)

We are spending a lot of time polishing our advanced CMS system called Puzel. It features state-of-art drag&drop user interface, a variety of elements ready to use and a really easy way to manage content of a website even if you literally know nothing about programming or HTML.

You may check out the demo for free - http://www.puzel.com.pl (Polish only).